top of page Festival, 9-11 June 2023 Festival is back. We want to dare again and learn, discuss, celebrate, laugh and, above all, meet again with you for three days. We are a new, young team that forges ideas and plans together with some long-experienced Limmudniks.



June 9-11, 2023



Villa Seligmann, Hanover



You and many other old and young Limmudniks. Limmud beginners and Limmud seniors. Limmudniks from all over Europe.


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Was ist Limmud

What is Limmud? creates spaces for the whole diversity of Judaism with all the topics that interest Jews: history, music, religion, tradition, politics, society, literature, art and much more. Jews between the ages of 0 and 120 and of all religious and political attitudes meet here to learn, discuss and celebrate together.


At Limmud, the participants decide for themselves what they want to learn or teach. Despite their differences, the participants treat each other with respect. We don't see the different languages that we speak as something that separates us.


Limmud arises when volunteers come together to create such spaces. Both the volunteers and the participants are Limmudniks committed to the values and principles that Limmud has set itself. does not stand alone, but is part of a worldwide network of Limmud teams all over the world. Limmud was founded in Great Britain in the early 1980s and has been the success story of Jewish learning worldwide ever since.

... and Limmud makes a promise: Wherever you are on your Jewish path and no matter in which direction you are going, with us you will get one step further.

Werte & Prinzipien

Values & Principles


Learning means personal development, acquiring knowledge and skills. Learning changes people, inspires them to act and opens up new worlds for them. Everyone can be a teacher and everyone should be a student. We promote a learning atmosphere and a learning environment in which everyone should find space for their thoughts and personal growth.


community and mutual responsibility

Limmud is a learning community. Together we can achieve more than individually. We get something from the community - Jewish and general. We also want to give something back.


Broaden the Jewish horizon

Limmud strives to provide a community experience that helps us to strengthen, develop, and give substance to our Jewish identity.


Create space for personal contact

We want to create spaces for groups and for individuals. We recognize the strength of a forum in which spiritual, emotional and intellectual exchange becomes possible.



Volunteer work is the basis of what we do. We are responsible: for each other and for the communities we create. Everyone has an important contribution to make. We encourage all participants to help us with this and to make an active contribution themselves.


Encourage responsibility

We inspire people to be ambitious in their contribution to Limmud. We challenge people and trust them to do what they promise to do. We see the potential that lies in the individual and in the group and encourage its development. We empower people to make decisions and give them the information they need to do so. The strength and success of Limmud lies in each and every participant.



We value diversity in everything we do. We value choices: in form, content and style. We believe in the richness of our diverse community and enable encounters across group and generational boundaries. We encourage meeting people without prejudice.



Limmud expects all participants to treat each other with respect and to remember that all helpers are also participants. Personal attacks during the workshops will not be tolerated.


Arguments for arguments sake

Limmud does not rule on the admissibility of particular religious or political positions that exist within the global Jewish community. Limmud will not offer a forum to anyone who hopes to have an attitude declared illegitimate. Limmud takes no position in the debates held during the festival. Limmud will coordinate its program in such a way that religious or political conflicts are avoided. Nonetheless, we recognize that arguments can help us understand each other better.


following religious commandments

Shabbat and Kashrut are observed in all public places. However, Limmud does not prescribe how participants should behave privately. Participants who want to pray have to bring what they need with them and take responsibility for the entire prayer group.

Limmud Netzwerk

Limmud Network & Partners

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